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Contact: Celine McGuigan, HRBP

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Vision

Medtronic’s ID&E vision is to be internally and externally recognized as the global leader in healthcare in the areas of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. Our strategy to achieve this is focused on three areas:

  1. The Individual – Be accountable role models for Inclusion & Diversity by personally owning Inclusion for all, driving accountability, engaging in continuous learning and allyship while recognizing ID&E leadership.

  2. The Company – Ingrain Inclusion & Equity into our DNA by integrating effective & sustainable ID&E learning, mitigate bias in talent management & diversify talent pipelines, optimize differentiated development & sponsorship and expand equitable policies, practices, and workforce experiences.

  3. The Community – Amplify our impact beyond Medtronic by driving economic impact through supplier diversity, advancing diversity in STEM and be an industry catalyst for change.

Locally, we aim to translate this vision into reality under three guiding principles; Promoting Diversity of Thought; Growing a Culture of Inclusion & Creating an Enriching Employee Experience. Foster Belonging, one of our Medtronic Mindset cultural norms is fundamental to the success of this strategy and to translating this strategy into an experienced reality for our employees and indeed customers. We are intentional in creating connection opportunities between leaders and employees, we aim to communicate with one voice, and we ensure collaboration to execute on strategy.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Activities

By engaging and empowering our employees we nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace fostering a culture of belonging where every employee can bring their true selves to work. 55 nationalities are represented across our workforce in Ireland reflecting the community where we live and work. Medtronic has global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to promote a grassroots approach to uniting around common interests and advancing a culture of inclusivity, including Medtronic Women’s Network, Young Professionals Network, PRIDE, Multicultural Network and four newly established groups, Traveller Community, AIM (Asian Impact @ Medtronic) ABLED (Awareness Benefitting Leaders and Employees about Disabilities) and ADN (African Descent Network). ERGs collaborate and work together guided and supported under the umbrella of the GIDE Council. (see image below).

All people managers own the responsibility to drive diversity on their teams and promote inclusive behaviour expectations with outcomes tied to performance. Best in class ID&E education is integrated into the lifecycle of employee’s development and employment experience. We mitigate bias in talent management, effective de-biasing practices are consistently practiced in attraction, development and promotion at all levels, with deliberate focus on the diversification of talent pipelines.

The Site Leadership Team at the Parkmore site is 60:40 female: male. 42% of our people managers are female and we continue to focus on advancing diversity in STEM through a focus on increasing gender and ethnic diversity in schools and colleges and providing paths for employment through graduate intern programs. Internally, we have an Engineering Scholarship Program in partnership with NUIG for employees working in Manufacturing who want to upskill and progress their career in Medtronic. Each year there is a 50:50 female: male cohort accepted on the course.

Supporting the communities where our employees live, and give, is integral to Medtronic’s culture. Providing opportunities for employees to volunteer for charities and causes close to their hearts provides an opportunity for engagement & inclusion while also serving the communities in which we live and work. This year Medtronic collaborated with COPE Galway to pilot a new volunteering programme that recognises employee volunteering hours with a grant to the charity partner. The project engaged more than 407 Medtronic employees, during a Level 5 COVID lockdown, to support vulnerable communities and draw down a $100,000 grant for COPE Galway. Additionally, for every 10 hours volunteered, Medtronic employees can access a $200 grant for any registered charity up to $1,000 per year.

Our Reasons for Signing Diversity Charter Ireland

The first five words of the Medtronic Mission are “To Contribute to Human Welfare”. At Medtronic Galway we do this through the development and manufacturing of medical technology, supporting our local community and, recognising that our employees drive every aspect of our life-saving work. That’s why we’re committed to supporting employees in every aspect of their lives. We are particularly proud of our strong sense of community and our commitment to an inclusive workplace via our Inclusion Diversity & Equity initiatives. Our culture reflects ethics, dignity and respect for every employee while also maintaining continuous improvement, where all voices are heard. Having the opportunity to share our learnings and discuss best practices with peers who also have a passion to improve I, D & E within their organisations and communities is an attractive prospect and one which we are eager to participate in.