About Diversity Charter Ireland

Diversity Charter Ireland is a network of signatory organisations, a community of diversity and inclusion practitioners, seeking to build best practice in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in their workplaces.

They work together to promote the benefits of diversity, equality and inclusion and build the community of Diversity Charter Ireland signatories. Currently, there 65 signatories to Diversity Charter Ireland.

By signing Diversity Charter Ireland organisations make public a statement of commitment, to address diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace in a framework that is tailored to the Irish context. In addition, signatories join a community of organisations in 26 Diversity Charters across the EU, with over 12,000 signatory organisations covering at least 16 million employees. This activity is supported by the European Commission through the EU Platform of Diversity Charters.

Equality Strategies Ltd was one of the eleven founding organisations and manages Diversity Charter Ireland. For the last two years we in Equality Strategies Ltd, have been supporting the growth of Diversity Charter Ireland, the expansion of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters and we have worked with the European Commission to elevate their diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace agenda.

Call to Action

Get in touch, sign Diversity Charter Ireland and once you are a signatory, we will engage with you directly to identify your d&i actions as part of the Diversity Charter Ireland network.

For more details please email us at info@diversitycharter.ie

A New EU Focus on Equality

The European Commission has established, with the EU Platform of Diversity Charters a new European Diversity Month, and established a Task Force on Equality, with Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli, to facilitate the mainstreaming of equality relating to six grounds of discrimination: sex, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation.

In addition, there is a commitment to adopt the proposal a new EU Directive on improving the gender balance on corporate boards and President von der Leyen, has committed in her Political Guidelines to introduce binding pay transparency measures.  When introduced we in Ireland have two years to transpose the EU Directive on Pay Transparency that will introduce obligations for organisations with more than 250 employees. The Union of Equality currently involves the following key initiatives:

We in Diversity Charter Ireland want to support our signatories in this new concerted action at EU level. We are now entering a new phase in Diversity Charter Ireland, where we are inviting all signatories to sign to new text (see below) and recommit to building an active network that can contribute to the effective implementation of the new EU equality agenda.

Diversity Charter Ireland supports the renewed focus on diversity, equality and inclusion in the EU. We are a business led partnership in Ireland, that seek to improve diversity, equality and inclusion outcomes in the workplace, and a network working with twenty-five sister Diversity Charters across Europe, in the EU Platform of Diversity Charters.

We will be circulating the EU Platform of Diversity Charters newsletters, featuring news and updates on EU policies, EU d&i actions plans, legislative developments and d&i activities in organisations in 26 countries and holding signatory networking events throughout the year.  There is an annual charge of €600.00 for signatories to Diversity Charter Ireland. Signatories will also be offered the opportunity to sponsor specific activities.